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 +====== How To Use Synapse .Pas Files In Borland C++Builder's Projects ======
 +  - Needed to generate header files (hpp) for including in project (example for creatinh header file for dnssend.pas): DCC32.EXE -JPHW DNSSEND.PAS 
 +  - Need to define path of .hpp(same directory with .pas) files: Project->Add->Directories/Conditionals add in "Include path", "Library path" and "Debug source path" next string: "$(BCB)synapsesourcelib"
 +  - Define path to .pas files in BCB enviroment variables: Tools -> Environment Options ->Library "Library path" and "Browsing path". 
 +including library to project:
 +Project -> Add to project -> DNSSEND.PAS (for example) 
 +including header file: 
 +#include "DNSSend.hpp"
 +#pragma link "DNSsend"
 +Possible, error can appear in line 180 of file blcksock.hpp: 
 +__property WSAData WSAData = {read=FWsaData}; 
 +I' just comment this line cause i don't need to use this variable: 
 +// __property WSAData WSAData = {read=FWsaData};
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