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 +====== IPv6 Issues ======
 +The Synapse with IPv6 support is transparent and allows instant use of IPv6 on commonly used code.
 +When you are using code without special code, then you simply recompile your 
 +program with new Synapse, and your code is IPv6 enabled! You can use IPv4 IPs, 
 +IPv6 IPs or IPv4 and IPv6 domain names. Synapse creates sockets itself by result of resolving addresses.
 +Because commonly used command 'Bind('','0')' before Connect breaks socket type autodetection, this command does nothing when SF_Any is used. In this case, use system implicit binding with the same effect. You do not need to remove this call.
 +When you call Bind with another argument, then bind is called. This bind causes 
 +socket creation! When you bind a socket to a specific interface, then the socket family usage is limited by the bound IP family!
 +Not all systems support full IPv6. Look at other articles!
 +In some cases an automatically created socket is not ideal. Look at CreateSocket.
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