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 +====== What Systems Are Supported For IPv6? ======
 +**On Linux:**
 +You need a kernel with IPv6 support (all newer kernels 2.4.x). However, Ipv6 support is usually compiled as a module. Try calling 'modprobe ipv6' command to load IPv6 support.
 +**On Windows:**
 +Microsoft have official support for the implementation of IPv6 on WinXP SP1 and newer operating systems. 
 +Systems prior to this version sometimes have 'preliminary support'. This version is for developer testing. It is not release quality. Not all needed functions are supported in these versions!
 +Synapse supports these preliminary versions too, however autodetecting of socket type does not work properly in all cases.  A better way is tp set the socket Family in your source to SF_IP4 or SF_IP6.
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