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How-To do something

See topics in the categories below which may help you with various issues you encounter with Synapse.

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  • IPv6Issues
  • CreateSocket issues
  • IPv6Support
  • UdpServer sample
  • UdpMulticast
  • TcpServer
  • MultipleBind How to bind UDP to more then one socket?
  • How to detect ActiveConnection?
  • Where is ReadEvent?
  • How to change ConnectTimeout?

SSL/TLS/SSH and other security

  • SslPlugin architecture
  • Change HTTP server demo to HttpsServer
  • Using TcpWithSsl on tcp client


  • LdapSample How to use LDAP
  • HtmlForms How to send more complex HTML forms?
  • SynapseSoap Using Synapse in a Borland SOAP client
  • Pop3Sample How to use POP3
  • Pop3SampleSSL How to use POP3 with SSL
  • SmtpSend How to send mail with SMTP and TLS
  • SnmpSample How to use SNMP
  • HttpDownload How to download and display image from WEB server
  • HttpGetPage How to connect using GET to get page or send data to a server
  • HttpGetPageThroughProxy Let's go through a proxy, this time


  • SendingBCC How To Send BCC E-mails
  • About MIME and its MimeParts
  • TMimePart MIME parser and builder core
  • Generating OutlookEvent by Synapse


  • BinaryString How to use AnsiString as binary buffer?
  • ReadData How to read data from Socket (or serial port) with Synapse?
  • Missing SyncObjs unit
  • MemoryManager for avoiding huge memory allocation
  • CppBuilder How to compile Synapse with C++Builder?
  • BigNumbers are sometimes negative. Why?
  • How I can set StopBits in SynaSer?
  • OnStatus event for monitoring data transfers and other events on your socket.
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