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WishList For Synapse

If you need something which is not in Synapse, then you can write your wish here.

  • Snmp Proxy Forwarder (RFC 3413)
  • WebSocket Protocol (RFC 6455)
  • Redirects handling (like Indy's idHTTP.HandleRedirects := true;)
  • IRC client
  • Delphi8 support (Current D8 support is only experimental. I not plan to finish it! Lukas)
  • Fuller demonstration code of how to encode a MIME attachment and attach to an oubound message. Present demos seem only to deal with decoding. (dittos on this request)
  • DHCP Server ( 092004)
  • LDAP Server ( 092004)
  • Free Pascal compilation using native free libraries instead of proprietary libc (I've done it once using Free Pascal libraries included in Debian Linux. vovic-at-smtp-dot-ru) (Done in latest version.)
  • IMAP4 Support (Exists long time ago. Lukas)
  • Support for Mac OS X, at least on the Intel platform. I read Eon Clash's ATerm project had started using Synapse on Mac intel, maybe you can officially “take over” the effort. Thanks. ;)
  • D2009 unicode support.
  • Try use synapse in win7 and DNS functions dont work. win7 build 7100
  • MLSD command support in FtpSend
  • HTTP Send → add referer (Exists HTTP.Headers.Insert(0,'Referer: ');)
    * Android support
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