Proxy usage

If you don't know what is a proxy, please read proxy_server article on the Wikipedia firts.

This article is about proxy usage in the Synapse library.

Socket based proxies

Can be used for any communication protocol based on this socket types.

UDP proxies

  • SOCKS5 proxy - support for IPv4, IPv6, server side, client side.

TCP proxies

  • SOCKS5 proxy - support for IPv4, IPv6, server side, client side.
  • SOCKS4a proxy - support for IPv4, server side, client side.
  • SOCKS4 proxy - support for IPv4, client side.
  • HTTP tunnel - support for IPv4, IPv6, client side. (Tunnel is special mode of HTTP proxy, usually is not allowed for any desination ports by security settings on the proxy!)

Protocol based proxies

Protocols can use any proxy what is supported by underlaying socket.


This protocol have special handling of HTTP/HTTPS proxies. Do not set HTTP tunnel on the socket. Use properties of THttpSend instead. Synapse select right proxy mode itself:

  • HTTP protocol - made HTTP request to a proxy (instead of destination server)
  • HTTPS protocol - connect HTTp proxy and open tunnel to destination server. HTTPS traffic is traversed through this tunnel.


FTP protocol is very unfriendly on proxy and firewall support. TFtpSend class have very versatile support for special FTP application gateways. See the documentation and sources comment about this.

Many HTTP proxies can act as FTP gateway too. You know it - type FTP based url in your WEb browser and you got document. For this feature you ash HTTP proxy by HTTP protocol and proxy send data to you as HTTP reply. When you need to use this proxy, then you must use THttpSend.

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