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Software List

Ararat's Projects: A lot of programs like MIME antivirus scanner, time synchronizing software, TCP proxy with bandwidth limit, UDP proxy, e-mail server, etc.

AutoPOP: autopop is a pop3 robot. It can be used as notifier, or to delete spam based on headers inspection. Mail list management features are also projected. Autopop still hasn't a decent UI. But it's free software and new versions will be released soon.

Avalon Messaging: AVALON Messaging is an “SMS gateway in a box” solution. AVALON Messaging allows a company to quickly and inexpensively deploy SMS gateway without the complexities. The application can be installed within minutes and it is easily managed with a series of configuration and customization tools. This means getting your SMS-based service up and running in no time and immediate benefits.

Backup Scheduler: FIBS Firebird-Interbase Backup Scheduler is a GNU GPL Licensed backup scheduler for Firebird and Interbase databases. Synapse (TSMTPSend Class) is used to create an embedded email client for email notification.

BIPAC-741GE Utility: A Windows/Linux/FreeBSD (Delphi/Kylix) graphical utility to display various details (LAN/WAN traffic, TCP/UDP, SNMP statistics, ADSL details etc) for, and to manage, the Billion BIPAC-741GE and BIPAC-743GE ADSL combination modem/routers. Synapse code is used for the SNMP routines.

CMWatch: CMWatch is advanced diagnostic system for monitoring parameters of docsis cable modems. Synapse library is used for the SNMP, SSH, TFTP routines.

DbGonzales: dbGonzales is an object relational database server. The idea behind dbGonzales is that it uses a smart client/small server model. This model has the advantage, that it reduces load on the server and increases the speed of the client applications. We had used Indy and have now happily changed to Synapse as our TCP/IP communication component.

DSL-50X Utility: A Windows/Linux/FreeBSD (Delphi/Kylix) utility to display various details (LAN/WAN traffic, TCP/UDP, SNMP statistics, ADSL details etc) for, and to manage, the D-Link DSL-500 and DSL-504 ADSL combination modem/routers. Synapse code is used for the SNMP routines.

Duplicate Email Remover (IMAP): There's nothing more annoying than having duplicates in email folders. Eliminate duplicate emails easily with this powerful application! It saves your time by eliminating duplicates that occur within a single folder.

Electronic Registry: Module of Electronic Registry through e-mail for neighbourhood information system.

Eon Clash's ATerm Demo: ATerm is a full featured ANSI terminal application built around the Synapse networking library. I decided that since very few ANSI Terminal demo applications existed (especially for pascal and more-so for Lazarus) I'd release mine. Since it is built in Lazarus using Synapse and has a full custom ANSI Terminal built in it can be cross compiled for any OS that Synapse supports. I have tested it on Windows and Linux with success and am working on some Synapse bugs for Mac OSX 105. support. (

Habari® Client for ActiveMQ, Habari® Client for Apollo, Habari® Client for HornetQ, Habari® Client for OpenMQ and Habari® Client for RabbitMQ: - with Habari Client libraries, Delphi and Free Pascal applications can connect to ActiveMQ, Apollo, HornetQ, Open MQ and RabbitMQ message brokers. Synapse code is used in the pluggable communication adapter.

IZIP Client: The abbreviation IZIP in Czech language means Internet Access to Patient's Medical Information. The objective of the IZIP Project is to place the medical database of the patient-insuree upon his wish into the public information network - the Internet.

JAS - Jegas Application Server: The Jegas Application Server is an application server designed to integrate with existing cloud infrastructure as well as operate in standalone server mode. JAS allows simultaneously connecting to multiple databases, contains CRM functionality, Data Modeling Tools, Dynamic Screens with WYSIWYG Screen Customization and much more. JAS is also performs many web server tasks allowing seamless integration with PHP applications, CGI, Perl, etc.

Kompakt ZOLL: Our (Vamszoft) Kompakt ZOLL v5 product is 3-tier custom software that uses Synapse in the middle tier as TCP server (listening socket in one thread and clients in different threads). The server provides its own RPC over Synapse (HTTP transport layer, RPC request/responses are embedded into MIME 'multipart/related' content, the MIME processor is our own) and also acts as an HTTP server (built from the TCP level).

LightWebServer: Http web server that can be used embedded in application or standalone, and can run classic powtils cgi programs.

PSPad editor: PSPad editor is freeware general code editor, supports over 120 syntaxes and it's localized into 40 languages. PSPad uses Synapse library for FTP online editing.

Simple Router Grapher: Simple Router Grapher is based on ideas I got when I saw “SNMP Traffic Grapher” by Leonid Mikhailov

Simple Sitemap Creator: A simple cross-platform app written using Lazarus and FreePascal that scans a website and creates HTML and Google Sitemaps compatible XML.

SetiHTML: It's used to collect statistics about one's progress with the Seti@Home client. It puts these statistics in an HTML file and, optionally, uploads this file to a FTP-server.

Time Memo: Periodically control the time offset between your computer and an NTP server, it can eventually adjust the computer clock. I do this software with astronomical observation in mind but there is certainly other usage. Windows and Linux versions.

Traffic Counter 1.30: People traffic monitoring through company gateways. It communicates with a special gateway device by SynaSer. This non-visual NT service uses simple commands for controlling the device and collecting data.

TsWebEditor: tsWebEditor is a powerful texteditor with syntax highlighting for more than ten languages. tsWebEditor also supports a lot of features for PHP, JavaScript, CSS and HTML which make editing easier, like parameter info for functions, code completion, PHP syntax and error check, help, CSS and Metatag assistants, HTML tag editor, HTML syntax checker and much more… It also includes an FTP Edit function which allows you to edit files directly on an ftp server. And for this I use Synapse.

WebServerScan: WSS can identify any webserver! It scans a single address or a range of addresses, bookmarks and produces a cool report. Useful freeware multi-threaded and easy-to-use auditing tool.

XPress Pix OE: XPress Pix OE is a tool for the viewing and sorting images received in Microsoft Outlook Express. It has numerous features that allow it to display images that Outlook Express fails to display. It has numerous features that make it trivial to save the images into categories with just One Touch. Synapase tools are used to split the message into parts and to decode the MIME parts.

xStarter: xStarter will help you to automate each and every process in your computer. The program is primarily used to automate a long list of routine tasks like work with HTTP and FTP protocol, FTP synchronizing, checking connection (PING), uploading and downloading data, opening browsers, visiting websites, checking and sending emails and files; compressing or creating backups; launching and terminating applications and NT services; executing macros and shortcuts; rebooting, shutting down, ejecting and closing DVD/CD-ROMs; logging off, clearing memory, establishing RAS connection and much more.

yana: yana - Yet Another Network Analyzer. TCP, UDP, IP, ICMP, ARP, SNMP, HTTP, FTP, SNTP, etc. analysis tool released with full source code (Freepascal/Lazarus of the current alpha2 release; alpha1 release written on Delphi). Released as one tool - but could be used as set of forms. Plans are to expand tool. Application is used Synapse library for all networking functions. RFC1213 library source code released as part of the yana package. GPL license. Reference guide has been released as well.

ConectaVNC: Software VNC for reverse remote connection this use the TightVNC with changes and use the Synapse to test the internet connection show alerts for final clients. This project(interface) has been develop by lazarus/freePascal.

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